Will Sherman

Naturalist Guide

Will grew up in a small New England town with ample access to woods, rivers and lakes.  During college, he spent a week backcountry camping in the wilds of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  This experience changed his perspective on the wilderness forever.  Will graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Natural Resource Ecology and moved west, eager to be back in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  While it may have been the bears, wolves and bison that captured his attention as a young college student, Will has developed an appreciation for all creatures found here, both big and small.  He joined the Yellowstone Safari Company team in 2016 and on every tour that he leads, he enjoys experiencing the park in a new way through his guest’s eyes.  Will spends his free time in the wilderness, far from roads.


  • Level II Wildlife Track & Sign / CyberTracker
  • First Aid & CPR
  • B.S. Natural Resource Ecology | University of Vermont
  • Minor: Forestry | University of Vermont
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Will was raised in northwest Connecticut in a small New England town. As a kid he grew up with a strong appreciation for the outdoors and was lucky enough to have access to woods, rivers, and lakes. Since leaving home he has lived in Vermont, Colorado, Montana, and Alaska. Will received a degree in Natural Resource Ecology with a minor in Forestry from the University of Vermont in 2015. In 2012 he spent a week in the backcountry in Yellowstone and Grand Teton.There he was inspired and captivated by a truly wild place. Camping out with the bears, wolves, and bison changed his perspective on the wilderness forever.

After graduating, he relocated to the Yellowstone area as soon as he could. Will has worked as a forest service technician for the Colorado Forest Service, as a Dog Sledding Guide in Montana, and as a Fishing Guide in Alaska and Montana. He joined Yellowstone Safari in 2016 and has had some unforgettable experiences in Yellowstone. His priority is a fun, memorable, and educational trip for visitors.

Although the megafauna of the park drew him here originally,Will has grown a deep appreciation for all of the inhabitants of the park both big and small. He has gotten to see first hand the way all species play a critical role in the function of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He enjoys seeing the park fresh through visitors’ eyes and how their interests shape each day. In his free time you can find Will far from roads out with his dogs floating down a river, snowboarding, and fishing.