Zak Trimble

Naturalist Guide

Zak grew up near the Great Lakes in a family that spent most of their time in the woods or on the water. This childhood led to a passion for the outdoors and sharing that passion for others. After finishing a degree in education, Zak worked with children in Minnesota where he continued to explore all the things the natural world had to offer by canoeing, scuba diving, and camping all over the region. After finishing a second degree, Zak moved to Montana to become a naturalist guide to combine his passions for education and the natural world to educate others on the importance of protecting these amazing places.


  • First Aid & CPR
  • Outdoor Guide Certification | University of Wyoming
  • B.S. Conservation & Environmental Planning | University of Wisconsin
  • B.S. Human Education & Family Studies | Bowling Green State University
  • Divemaster / PADI
  • First Aid & CPR Instructor / Red Cross
  • Commercial Chainsaw Operator / SAWW
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