Field Notes

The Benefits of Walking Safaris

by Yellowstone Safari Co.Aug 10, 2022
A Photographer Stands To Capture The Massive Open Landscape Of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Imagine leaving the sounds of vehicle engines, horns and the overlapping voices of strangers behind and having it replaced by the chorus of melodic songbirds tucked away amongst branches and leaves, waiting to be spotted with binoculars.  Imagine the concrete and metal of walls giving way to towering timbers, your feet padding across the soft carpet of pine needles instead of synthetic strands of polyester or unforgiving pavement.  Imagine having a piece of Yellowstone National Park all to yourself, escaping the hustle and bustle of busy boardwalks and overlooks.  

This is all possible on a Walking Safari with the Yellowstone Safari Company!  Due to lack of time, lack of interest or perhaps lack of experience, many visitors to Yellowstone National Park never stray far from a parking lot, visitor center or paved trail.  Making time for a hike in the park will definitely add something special to your time here.  This is an amazing way to gain a new perspective of such a wild, untamed landscape, which can be harder to appreciate when just quickly driving through.  Slow down, and take time to immerse yourself in a preserved wilderness that is part of one of the largest intact ecosystems left in the contiguous United States.  



Yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot Wildflowers Cover A Hillside During Springtime In Yellowstone

Do not let the unknown deter you!  On a walking safari you will have an experienced guide by your side who will be able to provide valuable insight to the wonders and potential hazards of hiking in the park.   Your guide will be prepared for a multitude of incidents that could occur on a trail in Yellowstone, such as carrying bear spray in case aggressive wildlife is encountered!  

Every step you take can reveal something new: a diversity of wildflowers and vegetation could be growing along the trail, the views could shift from old growth woodlands to silica encrusted geyser basins to cascading waterfalls…  The opportunities are endless!  There is always the possibility of seeing wildlife when hiking too, animals love to use the trails we create since they offer a path of less resistance.  Keep an eye out for tracks as you hike, and your guide should be able to help identify any you don’t recognize.  Perhaps pause for a few minutes along the trail and listen to the ensemble of songbirds that might be singing, every change in habitat can reveal a melody of different species.  

A Grey Wolf Watches A Herd Of Bison Across The Flats In The Lamar Valley Of Yellowstone National Park
Two Bison Lock Horns While They Fight For Rank Within The Herd In Yellowstone National Park

There is a huge selection of trails in Yellowstone to choose from, and we can help you find one that will interest you and be within your physical limits.  

The wilderness is waiting!

Planning a visit during the winter months?  You’re in the right place.  Bozeman is an excellent starting point for all winter tours to Yellowstone National Park.