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A Couple Stands At The Edge Of The Boardwalk To Watch Geysers Erupting At The Lower Geyser Basin In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Safari Company has been providing first-class, educational, and enjoyable wildlife viewing and National Park tours since 1991. Our longtime experience, uncompromising attention to quality and detail, and dedicated goals towards education and conservation set us apart from the rest. Support for these ideals is handled by the extraordinary group of people on our team, from our office staff to our naturalist guides.

Our professional guides come from a variety of backgrounds, from experienced wildlife biologists, animal behaviorists, Park Rangers, Forest Rangers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts who are all environmental educators, providing our guests with in-depth, memorable experiences and factual information to enhance your visit beyond your expectations.

Visitors from around the globe have joined our tours throughout the years. We began as a small operation in Bozeman, MT, and have since expanded throughout Southwestern Montana (Big Sky, West Yellowstone, Paradise Valley and Gardiner) as well as Cody, WY. Our goal has always been to facilitate nature-based experiences that encourage appreciation for the natural world, promote the idea of conservation, and provide lifetime memories.

Travel With a Local

A professionally guided tour provides an invaluable experience in our National Parks. Our guide staff is well versed in the history, flora, fauna and geology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Their incredible depth of knowledge allows them to tailor every outing to the interests of each guest. Whether wildlife or geology is at the top of your bucket list, your guide will create a personalized, memorable experience that you would never get on your own.

A Small Herd Of Elk Crests A Snowy Ridgeline While Migrating In The Northern Range Of Yellowstone National Park

Enjoy the National Parks

Planning for your National Parks adventure can be a tedious process. If you have never been to the Yellowstone Park region, it can be hard to judge distance or know what you might be missing. Our office staff is here to help you design your trip around your Yellowstone or Grand Teton tours, and optimize your time in the region. We always recommend joining us for a guided tour at the beginning of your journey, this way you will get a great overview of the area, as well as access to insider information and recommendations from your local guide. The rest of your vacation will be enhanced by your time spent with us.

The Roosevelt Arch, Built Of Local Columnar Basalt, Was Built As A Welcoming Gateway To Yellowstone National Park

Guided Tours

Yellowstone Safari Company values our ability to guide on our Public Lands and holds permits for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Gallatin National Forest, and the Bureau of Land Management. Our company offers extensive training in order to uphold the standards of these public land management programs as well as our internal qualifications. Our guides are all held to the same level of wilderness safety, first aid, guiding knowledge and customer service skills so our guests can be assured they are in the best possible hands.


Yellowstone Safari Company started from a love of wild spaces and conservation. The beauty and grandeur of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as an experience, as an education tool and as a passion came together to form a wildlife safari company that stands today as an example of a sustainable business. Yellowstone Safari Co. is proud to be the first BEST certified sustainable business in Montana, offering a tour that incurs minimal waste, low energy use, and is sensitive to its environmental impact. We pride ourselves on taking measures to provide this experience while simultaneously offering the highest quality of education, contribution to our community, and honor for our heritage.

Travertine Terraces Are Found At Mammoth Hot Springs In Yellowstone National Park

Professional Naturalist Guides

Our guides are experienced wildlife biologists, animal behaviorists, past rangers and environmental educators who are on hand to provide in-depth, memorable experiences and factual information to enhance your visit to Yellowstone National Park.

A Bull Elk Grazes In A Meadow Along The Banks Of Yellowstone Lake In Yellowstone National Park

Wildlife Etiquette

Our guides spend time teaching guests how to track and study wildlife in Yellowstone National Park without getting too close.  Visitors who are unfamiliar with wildlife often do not understand the nature of wild animals or how to give animals their space while enjoying a wildlife encounter.  Yellowstone Safari Co. guides take the time to make sure that you’re equipped with the proper knowledge to head out on your own for a safe and enjoyable wildlife adventure.


A Large Grizzly Bear Walks In A Clearing In The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Yellowstone Safari Company Makes Headlines

Read about Yellowstone Safari Company in the news.  We’ve been featured in several print and online publications.  See what others have had to say about the Yellowstone Safari Co. experience and why we are considered the best safari company in Yellowstone National Park.

A Bull Bison In Rut Kicks Up A Dust Cloud In Yellowstone National Park

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