Multi-Day Safaris

A Small Herd Of Elk Crests A Snowy Ridgeline While Migrating In The Northern Range Of Yellowstone National Park

Multi-day tours provide the best opportunities to see bears, wolves, and other wildlife in its natural habitat.  Yellowstone National Park is a big place, so in order to cover a lot of ground and provide ample viewing opportunities, a multi-day safari is the best option.

Summer or winter, no matter the season, we have designed multi-day tours to take advantage of the seasonality of our locale.  If grizzly bears or black bears are on your bucket list, then summer is the time to come.  Bears spend the winter in their dens, hibernating.  Wolves are easiest to track in winter when they go after the large elk herds that congregate at lower elevations until the snows recede.  Our winter tours will focus on tracking and observing these apex predators.

Your exact route and itinerary will be determined by your interests, current wildlife sightings, and current weather and road conditions.  Our guides are all highly experienced, with thousands of hours in the field, and will expertly tailor your safari to you and your group.

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