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2 Day Winter Wolves and Wildlife Safari

A Frost Covered Bison Stands At The River's Edge In The Lamar Valley Of Yellowstone National Park
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  • Season
    Nov - Apr
  • Group Size
    Max 6
  • Duration
    2 Days
From $2500
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Expand your adventure across Yellowstone’s most exclusive landscape, and take a deeper dive into America’s wildest winter wonderland.

Our 2-Day Winter Wolves & Wildlife Safaris expose you to a wintry world dominated by North America’s most durable dominions.  In an ecosystem frozen over with snow & ice, Yellowstone’s biggest and baddest residents compete with the elements, and each other, in an epic effort for survival.  The National Park’s colossal herbivores, like bison, elk, and moose, descend on the lower elevations of the Northern Range to forage, drawing Yellowstone’s most emotive apex predator, the gray wolf, along in hot pursuit.  Winter is quite possibly the most reliable season to witness wild wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and more than winter’s chilly bite, the astonishing experience of watching wolves engage with this extraordinary environment might just take your breath away.

Our wildlife safaris are completely customizable.  The needs, desires, and comfort of our guests are our utmost priorities.  We aim to include several highlights that Yellowstone is famous for in our itinerary, such as visiting Mammoth Hot Springs, exploring Lamar Valley, and welcoming other impromptu experiences.  Our guides are flexible and will lead the journey according to your interests, current wildlife sightings, weather, and road conditions.  We will arrange accommodations on the border of, or within, Yellowstone National Park to give you complete access to Yellowstone, and its wonders, over the course of two days, in every condition.

With the use of the binoculars and spotting scopes provided to you, we can allow for animals to move across the land undisturbed, and we can observe authentic wild behaviors that unfold before us.  Your professional naturalist guide is there to interpret the events taking place, and share their in-depth knowledge of these intimate experiences.


A multi-day tour also allows for more time spent out of the vehicle. Our guides are trained in wilderness safety and are ready to share the incredibly special backcountry of Yellowstone National Park. For guests looking for a true wilderness experience, we offer the use of our snowshoes on our two-day tours. For first-timers or seasoned snowshoers alike, this is a wonderful way to see winter ecology and enjoy the quietude of snowy landscape. Our guides will offer 1-2 hour excursions in a range of interesting habitats.  Wildlife tracks, frozen waterfalls, or thermals sending plumes of steam up from the Grand Canyon’s rocky walls are common finds on these journeys. Up close and personal wildlife encounters are also possible, and will showcase the lives of wild animals away from the din of roads and people.

What's Included

  • Hotel pickup
  • Professional naturalist guide
  • Private safari
  • Lodging x1
  • Breakfast x2
  • Lunch x2
  • Dinner x1
  • Snacks
  • Souvenir water bottle
  • Use of spotting scopes and binoculars
  • Guide gratuities
  • National Park entrance fees

Private Safari

$2500 per vehicle for 1-2 guests; $750 for each additional guest. Single supplement is $100.
Maximum per vehicle, 6-8 guests.
From $2500

Pickup Information

All of our guests are picked up (and dropped off) at their lodging location.  We pick up in Bozeman, Emigrant, Gardiner, Mammoth, and Big Sky.  We’ll confirm your exact pickup time based on the season as well as your exact pickup location.

Please allow your guide an additional 5-10 minutes before and after the scheduled pickup time in case of weather delays or traffic conditions.

Approximate pickup times include:

  • 7:00AM Bozeman
  • 7:45AM Emigrant / Paradise Valley
  • 8:00AM Gardiner
  • 8:00AM Mammoth
  • (Varies) Big Sky


Day 1

Yellowstone National Park

Your guide will meet you at your designated accommodations, and you’ll travel to the legendary Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park.  The Northern Range is considered among the most wildlife-rich ecosystems in the United States, home to thriving populations of wild wolves, bison, elk, coyotes, cougars, bald eagles, and much more.  You’ll spend the day exploring some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the park, such as Lamar Valley, Soda Butte Valley, and the Blacktail Plateau, as we search for Yellowstone’s most iconic animal species.  Depending on current wildlife patterns, we’ll then proceed to our nearby lodging for the evening, perfectly poised for the second day of our safari.  Your guide will escort you to one of the area’s finest dining establishments for a hearty dinner, and then the conclusion of the evening is yours for resting and relaxing.
A Wolf Pack Travels Across The Snow In The Lamar Valley In Yellowstone National Park
Day 2

Yellowstone National Park

We’ll endeavor for an early start, and dependent upon the latest wolf and wildlife activity, we’ll begin our morning game drive at, or before, sunrise to put us in prime habitat during this peak activity period.  Factoring in the weather and wildlife, we’ll have numerous opportunities and options for hiking, snowshoeing, and exploring along the way, as well as ample time for in-depth investigations into the lives of Yellowstone’s most wild residents.  One of the National Park’s most unique geothermal features, Mammoth Hot Springs, will be visited, as we continue our journey through the entirety of the Northern Range.  We will return you to your lodge, or other accommodations, by early evening in time for you to check-in and enjoy dinner.

A Small Herd Of Bison Walk Through The Snow As They Migrate Through Yellowstone National Park In The Winter
Bison, wolves, sheep, birds, eagles, fish, you name it! We had a great tour guide. My husband and I enjoyed our 2 day safari in North Yellowstone. We saw lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery.
Myra F.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 7-day cancellation policy for all 2-day and 3-day wildlife safaris.  Cancellations made before the cancellation policy goes into effect will receive a full refund.  Cancellations made within 7 days of departure, and before the day of departure will receive a 50% refund.  Cancellations or no-shows on the day of departure will not be refunded. We strongly recommend travel insurance in order to protect you from unforeseen travel interruptions that prevent you from joining us.

What should I bring?

We will step in and out of vehicles during our safari tours so you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to walk on uneven surfaces, like gravel, or a boardwalk.  Stepping in and out allows us to make the best use of our time in Yellowstone National Park and gives us the best wildlife viewing and photo opportunities.  Your guide will have binoculars and spotting scopes for you to use, but do not forget to bring your camera!  While Yellowstone has some modern facilities, we are going to be traveling through remote areas of a National Park.  Please remember to being any personal items, like medication, that you may need during the day.

What should I wear?

The rocky mountain range can see drastic temperature swings during the day, even in the summer months.  Please come prepared!  For clothing, synthetic layers are best in our mountain environment.  Base layers act as a wicking layer against the body, so we recommend anything from a light weight layer to an expedition weight layer, depending on the season.  A mid layer provides warmth, so we recommend a mid weight fleece layer or softshell jacket for the upper body and a pair of travel pants or jeans for the legs.  The outer layer provides protection from the elements and serves as a wind/water blocking layer.  A waterproof shell for your upper body will keep you dry and therefore, warm.  For the legs, we recommend either weatherproof rain or snow pants, depending on the season.  You may not need an outer layer during the warm summer months with no rain forecasted, but it is still a good idea to bring it with you.  Conditions can change quickly.  Your footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for the season.  For the summertime, walking shoes or hiking boots are a great choice.  Please avoid wearing flip-flops.  For winter, snow boots with wool socks will keep your feet warm.  For winter, you’ll also want to bring a wool, or fleece, hat, as well as mittens/gloves to keep your hands warm.  In the summertime, a light hat with a visor is all you’ll need on your head.  In any season, do not forget sunscreen or sunglasses.  At high altitude, the sun’s rays are intense, even in winter.

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