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A Cow Moose And Her Baby Calf Walk Through A Meadow In The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Are you visiting with children and looking for family friendly ways to explore the park? We strive to guide our young visitors’ curiosity and excitement so that they enjoy learning and may become future stewards and defenders of nature, wildlife, and wild places. Designed to cater to the diverse interests and needs of both children and adults, our expeditions promise an immersive, educational, and fun experience set against the backdrop of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring wonders. There are hissing geysers and bubbling, stinky mudpots! There are huge waterfalls and colorful rocks! Our Yellowstone safaris and tours are perfectly suited for families of any size.  Our tours are small groups or private, meaning your family will be given personal attention.

Your exact route and itinerary will be determined by your interests, current wildlife sightings, and current weather and road conditions.  Our guides are all highly experienced, with thousands of hours in the field, and will expertly tailor your safari to you and your group.

Prepare for a thrill as our seasoned guides lead your family to prime wildlife viewing spots. Marvel at the majesty of bears, bison, elk, and more while our guides share fascinating insights into Yellowstone’s unique ecosystem. It’s not just an adventure; it’s a living lesson in the wonders of nature!

Have some energy to burn? We can embark on short, manageable hikes suitable for all ages, allowing your little explorers to marvel at geysers, waterfalls, and the vibrant hues of hot springs. Our guides impart knowledge about Yellowstone’s geology in a way that’s accessible and exciting for children, and will field any and all questions they are certain to have!

Exploring Yellowstone can work up an appetite. Enjoy carefully curated snacks and refreshments at your disposal, providing a chance for your family to relax, refuel, and bond over shared experiences. A charming, scenic picnic lunch with quality, locally sourced food will have you ready to go for more adventures!

Encourage your kids to become proud Junior Rangers! National parks provide this interactive program that lets children earn badges and certificates by completing educational activities, fostering a deeper connection to the park. They will come away with a sense of accomplishment and feeling that they are now a part of the collective efforts to protect our beautiful, natural spaces. It could be the start of a love for our public lands that lasts a lifetime!


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Is there a minimum age for your safaris?

We allow for all ages on our private safaris. Children under the age of 3 will not be charged the full rate and are welcome to join at the parent’s discretion. We offer full-day tours only, so expect between 10-12 hours in a vehicle. Families must provide their own car-seats and boosters for their children. Our open safaris welcome children over the age of 5, as they are mixed group safaris with diverse guests. Parents are encouraged to consider the wellbeing of the children and are welcome to ask us for advice on what to bring for comfort. Our guides are flexible and considerate and very happy to lead family tours!

Will we have time out of the car?

Yes! We like to get out of the car whenever possible. As long as it is safe to do so considering traffic and proximity to wildlife, we get out at pullouts to take pictures and observe animals, and there are a variety of boardwalks and trails.

How close to the animals do we get?

Yellowstone Safari Company abides by the laws of the national park which states that we must keep a distance of 25 yards from all small animals and large herbivores, and 100 yards from carnivores such as bears and wolves. Individual situations may require a greater distance, but your guide will always aim to get you as close as is legally and safely possible to wildlife viewings!