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A Marmot Feeds On Grasses In The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Yellowstone Safari Company offers walking safaris as well as multi-day adventures. Most Yellowstone visitors stick to the boardwalk, so those venturing into the backcountry for an outdoor adventure are rewarded with solitude, incredible vistas, and a diversity of wildlife.

Teeming with charismatic wildlife, diverse plant communities, waterfalls, canyons, hot springs and geysers, Yellowstone is a diverse and engaging place. Its geology is fascinating, its volcanic story ongoing. The park’s history is dramatic, inspiring and hopeful, its diverse ecosystem a showcase for conservation, a lesson for our relationship with the planet. There are hundreds of miles of trails and paths and countless points of interest, open landscapes, and hotspots to see wildlife.

Your exact route and itinerary will be determined by your interests, current wildlife sightings, and current weather and road conditions.  Our guides are all highly experienced, with thousands of hours in the field, and will expertly tailor your safari to you and your group.


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