Grant Johnson

Naturalist Guide

Grant has more than 20 years of experience in wildlife research and guiding in a career that has taken him around the US and abroad.  After 14 years of working with the marine and terrestrial wildlife of The Bahamas, Grant was awarded the Cacique Award in Sustainable Tourism by the country’s Ministry of Tourism.  As an accomplished biologist, field researcher and guide, he has been featured on the National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet, the BBC, and still moonlights as a regular on production teams for the Discovery Channel’s popular “Shark Week”.  Grant returned to the United States full time in 2015 to work as a professional naturalist guide in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and is dedicated to sharing his passion for this place with others.


  • Emergency First Response: Primary and Secondary First Aid & CPR
  • Rescue Diver
  • Cacique Award for Sustainable Tourism
  • B.S. Biology | University of Wisconsin
  • Outdoor Guide Certification | University of Wyoming
  • Blue Flag | Foundation for Environment Education
  • Level III Wildlife Track & Sign | CyberTracker
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Grant grew up in Minneapolis, MN and obtained his B.Sc. degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 1999.  Soon after graduating, and following a field-biology internship in The Bahamas, he was offered a job managing the world renowned Bimini Biological Field Station (SharkLab).  For six years, Grant helped teach hundreds of aspiring biologists the fundamentals of field research, focused on the wide array of sharks, rays, and reptiles that inhabited the vibrant waters around the islands.

Grant eventually transitioned into guiding and tourism in 2007, and along with his wife Katie, helped develop and run a popular ecotourism excursion program for a small resort on Bimini.  After 8 years of leading nature hikes, snorkeling trips, dolphin swims, shark-dives, and boat tours,  the pair received the Cacique Award for Sustainable Tourism, The Ministry of Tourism’s highest honor in the country’s most important industry.

In 2015, Grant returned to the U.S. and moved to the Greater Yellowstone Area, intent on continuing his career as a safari guide in one of the world’s most iconic wildlife destinations.  Since then he’s become even more dedicated to sharing his love for the great outdoors, and all the creatures that inhabit it, with even more guests from around the globe.  As a regular on the production teams for the Discovery Channel’s popular ‘Shark Week’ extravaganza, Grant still returns to the ocean on occasion, but his heart now beats for showcasing the wild wonders of Yellowstone.