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Old Faithful Winter Tour

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    Dec - Mar
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    Max 8
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    11-12 Hours
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Enjoy a catered experience of Yellowstone National Park’s interior, where incredible volcanic features such as geysers and hot springs create a mystical world amidst the backdrop of winter’s beauty.


  • Old Faithful
  • Snowcoach Excursion to Yellowstone’s Interior
  • Winter Landscapes & Geothermal Wonders

Yellowstone is unique year-round, but perhaps most notably in the wintertime. This high-elevation volcanic plateau experiences deep cold and heavy snowfall, but simultaneously exhibits some of the most visible volcanic features on the planet. Hot water rises from geysers, springs, vents and gurgling pots creating tornadoes of steam and a sense of surrealism. Eighty percent of Yellowstone is closed to the public in winter, and this tour allows us to visit these remote regions on specialized vehicles that roll over the snow.

*Tour availability is based on snowcoach availability with our partner. We will verify availability before confirming the tour.

Our full-day tour (accessing the interior of Yellowstone National Park from the north entrance or the west entrance) is led by our naturalist guides according to guest abilities and interests. Our guide will escort you in a Yellowstone Safari Co vehicle from your lodging to either Gardiner or West Yellowstone where we will join our group headed towards Old Faithful, by snowcoach. Our guide will provide educated and passionate interpretation of everything you encounter throughout the day including walks around several geyser basins, wildlife sightings, historic buildings and geologic features.  As our guest, you will be provided healthy and hearty snacks, a full picnic lunch, as well as the ultimate decadence of a steaming hot cocoa or coffee when you need it the most. Whether this is your first or tenth time to Yellowstone National Park, visiting in the winter will undoubtedly be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

On your journey to the park entrance and throughout the day, you may see some of North America’s largest mammals exhibiting some fascinating behaviors as they attempt to survive the harsh winter. Herbivores such as bison, elk, deer, moose and sheep, range openly throughout valleys, gorges and cliff-sides. Many raptors such as bald and golden eagles, falcons and hawks perch on trees or circle the skies searching for their next meal. Predators like wolves, coyotes and foxes are especially active in winter when their prey are at their weakest. Our guides will provide binoculars for you to use throughout your day in order to appreciate the beauty of these wild creatures safely from a distance.  

What's Included

  • Hotel pickup
  • Professional naturalist guide
  • Private wildlife safari
  • Public snowcoach tour
  • Catered picnic lunch
  • Assorted snack basket
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (hot and cold)
  • Use of UHD binoculars and spotting scopes
  • Guide gratuities
  • National Park entrance fees

Snowcoach Tour

$1800 for 1-2 guests; $320 for each additional guest, (plus taxes and fees). Maximum per vehicle, 6-8 guests. Minimum age is 6. This private safari joins a public snowcoach tour to access the interior.
From $1800
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Pickup Information

For private tours, all our guests are picked up (and dropped off) at their lodging location.  We pick up in Bozeman and Big Sky.  When you reserve, we’ll confirm your exact pickup time, based on the season, as well as your exact pickup location.

Please allow your guide an additional 5-10 minutes before and after the scheduled pickup time in case of weather delays or traffic conditions.

Approximate pickup times include:

West Entrance Tours

  • 6:00AM Bozeman
  • 6:30AM Big Sky
Yellowstone Safari Company is incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife, the ecosystem and everything in-between. I had been to Yellowstone a dozen times with friends and family before going on a safari with them, and their trips are next level. You see things that you've never noticed before and are way more likely to see wildlife since they are in the park everyday and know the animals patterns. I can't recommend them enough!
M. Murphy


Will we be in a group with other people?

You’ll have a private tour from your pickup location to the snowcoach departure site at either the north or west entrance.  Then, your group and your Yellowstone Safari Company guide will join others on the snowcoach, which seat groups of up to 20 people. Your guide will offer you a personalized experience with information throughout the day, as well as transport to and from the snowcoach departure site.  

How cold will it be in Yellowstone National Park in winter?

Yellowstone in winter can be very cold. We recommend wearing synthetic layers, including a very warm insulating layer and a waterproof/repellent wind layer, as well as warm wool hats and gloves. We will provide hand and foot warmers for you as well as hot drinks and food to keep you warm throughout the day.

Will we see Old Faithful erupt on this tour?

Yes, every trip includes an eruption of Old Faithful, which happens every 90 minutes or so. We will plan lunch around watching it erupt!

Will we see other geysers and hot springs on this tour?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to walk around several geyser basins to see these features up close.  We are able to observe many of these geothermal features in one area, and we will take time to explore and educate as we walk around, but we will not touch or enter any springs – it’s illegal to do so in the park!

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