Field Notes

See Yellowstone’s Rare Wolves with Kimpton This Winter

by Yellowstone Safari Co.Feb 16, 2022

Instead of heading for the slopes again this winter, why not try something a little more wild?  The Kimpton Armory Hotel has put together a unique vacation experience during your winter getaway to Bozeman: the chance to see Yellowstone’s famous and elusive gray wolves with Yellowstone Safari Company.

Wolves Hunt For Prey On A Snowy Landscape In The Lamar Valley In Yellowstone National Park

Spend the day with one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides, exploring the 50 miles of Yellowstone’s plowed roads currently open, tracking the park’s elusive apex predators, and enjoying the rest of its diverse wildlife.

A Couple Makes Their Way Along A Snowshoe Trail In The Montana Backcountry

There are currently 6 packs that call Yellowstone National Park home, and there is never a guarantee you’ll get to see any of the roughly 95 individual wolves because they roam freely. But, going out with an experienced guide during the winter months gives you the best possible opportunity to find them in the wild.

Yellowstone Rare Wolf Sighting

Yellowstone Safari’s highly trained naturalists spend every day inside the park, tracking the packs’ movements all year round.

But there’s so much more to this exclusive vacation package that the Kimpton Armory Hotel has put together for you. To learn more about this exciting winter trek through Yellowstone, and the luxurious amenities that will be waiting to welcome you back from your day of adventuring, read this comprehensive write-up about the package in Forbes.