Allen Krabill

Naturalist Guide

Allen is a self-proclaimed life artist and explorer. He is forever in search of that which is real and true, and because he is always looking, he often sees the beauty that is continually available to us. He combines a passion for travel and the outdoors with a heart-felt connection to and a humble service for the people and the world around him, modeling an uncommon respect and integrity for the land and all that live upon it. He has backpacked thousands of miles all over the world – from the rugged mountains of Appalachia to the scorching desert of the southwest, the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska to the swamps and white sand beaches of Florida, from the vineyards and fields of northern Spain to the picturesque hills and cottages of rural England and Ireland – and he has built his own wooden skin-on-frame canoe. He values the space and peace available in nature and the support and humor of good friends.

Allen has been guiding since 2007.


  • Outdoor Guide Certification | University of Wyoming
  • Leave No Trace Certification
  • Tread Lightly! 101 Certification
  • Bear Identification Certification | Montana FWP
  • B.S. Mathematics | Ohio University
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR
  • Mountain Safety Awareness | PSIA-AASI
  • Montana Hunter Education Certification | Montana FWP
  • Open Water Diver | PADI
  • 200-Hour Yoga Instructor | Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
  • ServSafe Food Handling Certification


Allen grew up in the American Heartland, spending the care-free days of his youth wandering the hills and fields of northeastern Ohio. He always enjoyed being outdoors, but it wasn’t until his super-senior year of college at the Ohio University in Athens that he discovered part of his true purpose – moving his body from one point to another by any means possible, and being inspired by the wonder that lies around every bend in the road (or trail). That year, he studied abroad in Rome, Italy, in the autumn, and upon returning to Ohio University, he filled his spring class schedule with outdoor recreation courses such as backpacking, survival and whitewater rafting. Traveling and exploring had taken hold.

Allen moved to Dingle, Ireland, shortly after graduating from college and worked as a barman in Dick Mack’s Pub. There he found the confidence to make his way in a very big world, met people that he would come to think of as family and learned how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness. And while he had found a home, Allen felt a deeper calling – and so he returned to the US, not exactly sure of what he was looking for.  Allen bounced around for a couple of years, living in a number of states and experimenting with various odd jobs, searching for the other part of his purpose. He loved to travel and was awed by nature’s canvas and symphony, but something was missing. A deep connection was lacking – an awareness of that depth was present but hidden in the background – and Allen wasn’t sure how to reveal it. And so the search continued, but at last his persistence was rewarded. Within months of each other, Allen was introduced to the living practice of yoga and then began working as an adventure travel guide, the missing pieces to complete the picture of his purpose.

During this time, Allen participated in the karma yoga volunteer program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, where he learned not only the physical asana practice of yoga but how to take that practice of clarity and presence off the mat and into the world. This allows him to connect with nature and to the people that he meets on a very deep and meaningful level. Not long after completing that program he started guiding for TrekAmerica, a travel company that offered camping tours for foreigners, with a focus on hiking and adventure activities. Allen could now combine his passion for travel and the outdoors with heart-felt connection to and a humble service for the people and the world around him.

Now, after nearly two decades of guiding in almost all of the 50 states and in four foreign countries, hundreds of thousands of miles logged on the road and thousands of miles on the trail, Allen is happy to call the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem his home, and hopes to continue being of great service in his time with Yellowstone Safari Company.


B.S. Mathematics | Ohio University

I can not put into words how truly amazing this experience was! I highly recommend booking the wildlife safari trip if you are visiting the area! It was honestly the highlight of my entire trip and the entire team was absolutely fabulous. From help with booking me on a public tour day, to the actual tour itself and every step in between they were all amazing.

Excellent customer service. Don’t hesitate. Just book it. It’s so worth the money and you won’t regret the experience.
Toledo, Ohio

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