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Guided Yellowstone Tours To Old Faithful

by Claire NorthoverFeb 2, 2024

Yellowstone National Park, a land of breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, boasts a variety of attractions that has drawn visitors year-round since its establishment in 1872. Among these, the iconic Old Faithful geyser stands out as a must-see spectacle, but when is the best time of year to visit this famous natural phenomenon? We draw from years of experience in leading Yellowstone tours that include the Old Faithful Geyser. We’ll take you through the seasons and discuss some of the best times to visit.

A Couple Stands At The Edge Of The Boardwalk To Watch Geysers Erupting At The Lower Geyser Basin In Yellowstone National Park

Spring: Reawakening the Landscape

As winter begins to melt away, Yellowstone National Park emerges from its snowy slumber. Springtime brings an air of freshness and renewal, with receding snow making way for a vibrant burst of life. Visiting Old Faithful during this season offers a unique opportunity to witness the geyser still framed by a snowy backdrop, adding a touch of magic to the scene. Additionally, the smaller crowds in spring allow for more space while viewing the geyser and the historic Old Faithful Inn, and for a more intimate wildlife experience within the whole park.

The Beehive Geyser Erupts In The Upper Geyser Basin In Yellowstone National Park
Visitors Stop Along The Boardwalk To Take Photos Of The Grand Prismatic Spring At The Midway Geyser Basin In Yellowstone National Park

Summer: The Classic Experience

Summer is undoubtedly the most popular time to visit Yellowstone, and for good reason. The months of July and August offer reliably warm weather and open access to the park’s extensive trail system. Old Faithful takes center stage during these months, with crowds gathering to witness its faithful eruptions approximately every 60 to 90 minutes. Plan your Yellowstone Day Tour, let your guide time your arrival, and don’t forget to explore the additional surrounding boardwalk trails that showcase the park’s unique geothermal features. Old Faithful isn’t the only impressive feature there is to see!

A Geyser Erupts In An Orange Glow As The Sun Sets On The Lower Geyser Basin In Yellowstone National Park

Fall: A Serene Spectacle

As summer transitions into fall, Yellowstone transforms into a vibrant tapestry of colors. The foliage paints the landscape with shades of gold, red, and orange, providing a stunning backdrop for your visit to Old Faithful. The smaller crowds compared to summer make this season an appealing option for those seeking a more tranquil experience. The brisk air and the sound of crunching leaves underfoot add an extra layer of enchantment to your journey. Looking for a more immersive excursion that explores varying highlights and habitats throughout the park? Consider booking a two-day Yellowstone Bear and Wolf Safari! You’ll enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery during the best times of day, amplified by the soft sunlight of the season. Fall is the height of elk and moose breeding seasons with plenty of opportunities to witness their impressive rutting displays, and the approaching winter means an increase in wolf activity!

Winter: A Frozen Wonderland

For those who appreciate the beauty of a winter wonderland, visiting Old Faithful during the colder months is a truly magical experience. The steam rising from the geothermal features creates a stark yet captivating contrast against the snow-covered terrain. While winter access is limited to guided snowcoach tours and snowmobiles, the opportunity to witness the geyser’s eruptions against the backdrop of a serene, snowy landscape is unparalleled.

Timing is key. When planning your visit to Old Faithful, keep in mind that eruption times are not exact. While the geyser’s eruptions are somewhat predictable, they can vary. The Old Faithful Visitor Education Center provides estimated eruption times, helping you make the most of your visit. Arriving a bit earlier than the estimated time can ensure you don’t miss out on the spectacle.

The best time of year to visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone depends on your personal preferences and the kind of experience you’re seeking. Since 1991, Yellowstone Safari Company has offered exceptional wildlife viewing and educational park tours. Our team of expert naturalist guides includes wildlife biologists, animal behaviorists, conservationists, and environmental educators. Every guide ensures a remarkable, informative visit, embodying our commitment to quality, professionalism, and conservation. No matter when you decide to go, witnessing the awe-inspiring display of Old Faithful is an experience that will stay with you forever.

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